Topics that will be covered within the program

We will discuss your current standing, your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals in order to come up with the best way to teach you the techniqual skills and to achieve your creative goals. The topics covered will vary depending on your needs.

  • Essential Skills and Information

    • The best materials for drawings and how to use them
    • How to practice correctly for maximum progress
    • Shading and blending techniques
    • Line quality and pencil control
    • Eye/hand coordination
    • Re-program your brain for THAT artistic vision
    • Identifying tonal values
    • Using a sketchbook
    • Ways to boost your creativity
  • Advanced Techniques and Concepts

    • Working from mid tones towards light and shadow
    • Creating textures and details
    • Creating depth and atmosphere
    • Achieving a three dimensional look in your art
    • Render basic to complex forms
    • Principles of composition
    • Spatial thinking and visualization
    • Drawing anything hyperrealistically
    • Creating your own portfolio of works
  • Further Knowledge and Insights

    • Art business
    • Preparing for gallery representation
    • Aproaching galleries
    • How to get published
    • Building a rèsumè
    • Becoming your own brand
    • Taking your own photo references
    • How to use photoshop for your art and to enhance your learning progress
    • Taking photos of your artworks
    • Become a fulltime artist

My Teaching Approach

My teaching is about creating art - not tedious drilled exercises

"I am a strong believer in creative practicing. After learning the basic techniques, photo techniques, and photoshop editing, I like to start soon with the student working and practicing on their own artworks. We discuss various ideas, subjects, themes which interest the student and continue learning with practical studies of their own actual artworks. In my approach you start being an artist early on. While practicing you create your own unique artworks and you grow as an artist. But you already live, express, breath and visualize like an artist, rather than having drilled practice routines as a student for years and years without anything in your art portfolio than academic studies and exercises."

Your Instructor

Besides being your tutor, I will also be your mentor, art buddy and guide throughout this program and beyond

Dirk Dzimirsky

Award-winning artist Dirk Dzimirsky was one of the drawing artists that established hyperrealistic drawings as a rediscovered art movement 15 years ago, and he has inspired many artists ever since. He has been a professional artist, art teacher and book author for over 20 years. He has given drawing workshops in Europe, USA and Canada. His works have been exhibited worldwide and are held in public and private collections. Corporate clients include LG Electronics, Waterman - Paris, A&E Network Television, RTL Television and National Geographic amongst others. Dirk stays one of the most influential drawing artist.

Some of the Clients

That I Worked for as a Hyperrealist Artist


  • Is the program suitable for beginners?

    Yes, if you are already sure that you want to pursue art and you are self-motivated and disciplined to follow through. Please read all the Faqs to get a better understanding of the program. Feel free to ask questions via Email.

  • How long does the program run?

    The program is meant to be similar to actual studying at a univercity but from the convenience of your home and with Dirk as your private tutor. 1 to 2 years is recommended but you can cancel to the end of any month if you wish so.

  • I still have a day job? How much time do I need for this program?

    Like with everything that you want to achieve, the more you work for it the sooner you reach your goals. You should be able to practice for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours per day.

  • Is This Program for Me?

    • Your main artistic focus is drawing
    • You want to become a professional full-time artist or want to work in the art field as an illustrator or as an art teacher etc.
    • You don't want to just copy another artist or style but rather want to find your own personal artistic voice
    • You want guidance along the way growing as an artist and dealing with the art business
    • You are committed and dedicated for long term learning and practicing
  • When is This Not for Me?

    • You want to copy other artists or only want to learn certain drawing techniques
    • Practicing is something you do not enjoy
    • You are still unsure if art or drawing is for you after all
    • You find it hard to stick to long-term goals and give up easily
    • Keep also in mind that this is not a video course package or similar. Assignments and teaching materials are given only solely on your progress.
  • Is there an application process?

    There is no actual application process but in order to get to know you and your goals I want you to answer a few questions prior to a video call where we can discuss further.

  • Do I have to finish assignments? Do I get new assignments every week?

    Studying online is somewhat similar to studying at an actual university. To better understand the rules and the responsibilities of the students please read:
    a) A teaching block runs every week and consists of the following: A video call (on average 45 minutes). A weekly assignment. A due date for the assignment of 24 hours before the next video conference.
    b) Once you start the program the teaching blocks run automatically every week and you are expected to finish your assignments every week at the due date. Assignments have to be finished properly before we move on to the next assignment.
    c) You can pause the program anytime, for holidays or if you get sick. Not finishing an assignment in time (unless you are sick) is not a reason to pause the program though. This will help you stay focused and motivate you to make progress. Make sure you plan ahead and notify me in time if you have longer holiday plans.
    d) The program could only be paused for 2 weeks at a time under normal circumstances. If you need to pause for a longer duration or you need to pause the program too often we need to discuss a different schedule.
    e) In case of cancelling video calls from my side the assignment due date changes to the next video conference then and the cancelled call/week will not be charged, of course.

  • What is the refund policy?

    There are no refunds except in the case that lessons or the program is cancelled from my side.

  • What if I get sick?

    In case you can not make a video call just let me know in time (at least 24 hours before our video call, if possible). Should you get sick for a longer time or something else keeps you from being active in the program, we can postpone the program for a while until you have time again.

  • What language is used?

    I speak English and German. So if you can communicate in one of these languages on a basic level, you are fine.

  • How does the payment work?

    We use Paypal subscription. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can also accept payments via bank transfer (Europe) or Wise (internationally). With the monthly payment of 390 Euro, you get credits for 4 weeks/4 video consultations regardless of the actual weeks in a month. They don't necessary have to be taken the same month the payment occured (for example, in case of holidays), and they do not expire. Keep in mind though that the program runs on a continous weekly base. You can not use the credits freely without agreement. No credit for a week will be used: - if you cancel a video call in time (at least 24 hours before the call, if possible) - if there is a holiday - if I has to cancel a video call

  • Why are you teaching?

    Since I started giving workshops in 2013, I discovered that I love teaching even more than creating artworks. Being an artists can be a lonely process and I find that sharing all my knowledge and see artists grow to their full potential with my help is a much more rewarding and enjoyable process.


1-on-1 Live video call each week | video demonstrations | own private forum channel

Pay with PayPal or Credit Card subscription. Mentorships automatically renew each month. Cancel anytime.

$439 USD/month (430 Euro)