This drawing workshop shows you how succesful artist Dirk Dzimirsky creates one of his hyperrealistic portrait drawing in his signature style with charcoal pencils.This is a complete, start to finish, 20+ hours real-time course, where you can watch him over his shoulder and see every second of the process. He explains all his techniques, his unique approach and all his secret methods. It comes with a PDF book that explains all steps and techniques. You can draw along while looking over his shoulder, pause or speed up the videos anytime. Included are instructions and a bonus video on how to prepare your own canvases for charcoal drawing. At the end you will get a certificate and a final critique from Dirk if you upload your finished artwork.

  • 31 hours of real time HD videos

  • Subtitles in 11 different languages (see list in FAQ)

  • Detailed specialized material list

  • High resolution reference photos

  • PDF companian book with detailed instructions

  • Lifetime access to the videos, course community and to Dirk's drawing forum

  • Bonus video "How to Prepare Canvas for Charcoal"

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What you will experience

and how it helps you to become a better artist


    See the entire process from start to finish. Learn insider techniques. Understand the different light and shadow types.

  • MAKE

    Make all your drawings pop out of the paper. Add atmosphere and depth to your future drawings. Stop the struggle and create realistic artworks with confidence.

  • GROW

    Find out how easy it is to add details and textures. All Concepts and most techniques are useful for graphite drawings and paintings, too.

The Finished Drawing and In Progress Pictures

This is the finished hyperealistic charcoal drawing that you will see being drawn from the very start to this finished result in real time. In this course you learn how to create this level of details, and you can watch exactly how Dirk draws it over the course of 25 hours.

"RIVER" - Hyperreal Drawing in Charcoal

Companion PDF Book

The included PDF book comes with detailed description of the drawing process, additional informations, and many tips and tricks.
Hyperreal Drawing in Charcoal Companion Book

RIVER - A Hyperrealistic Drawing in Charcoal

by Dirk Dzimirsky - Full Content

    1. Introduction

    2. Visit the students' spaces

    1. Next Livestream TBA

    1. Reference Photo & Finished Drawing

    2. Read First Please

    3. Material List Charcoal

    4. Links and Alternative Materials

    5. Online Store Links In Various Countries

    1. Transfering The Photo / Grid Method

    2. Initial Sketch

    3. Refining The Tracing

    1. Details and Texture on the Forehead

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  • 31 hours of video content

Bonus material

You will also get the following

  • Monthly live stream

    €100 value

    Once a month Dirk will do a 1 hour live stream where you can ask all your questions

  • Additional reference photos

    €100 value

    Additional high quality reference photos from Dirk's archive for you to practice and hone in your new skills.

  • Discount on all future courses

    €200 and more value

    50% discount on the regular price of future online courses on this website.

The Artist

Dirk Dzimirsky

Award-winning artist Dirk Dzimirsky was one of the drawing artists that established hyperrealistic drawings as a rediscovered art movement 15 years ago, and he has inspired many artists ever since. He has been a professional artist, art teacher and book author for over 20 years. He has given drawing workshops in Europe, USA and Canada. His works have been exhibited worldwide and are held in public and private collections. Corporate clients include LG Electronics, Waterman - Paris, A&E Network Television, RTL Television and National Geographic amongst others. Dirk stays one of the most influential drawing artist.


Examples of Dirk's large scale charcoal portraits


What People Say About The Course

“What I love the most about these training videos is getting to see this magical transformation over and over again. With a few precisely chosen strokes and smudges, flat paper takes on the illusion of three dimensions that seems so real – almost mystically real. I feel like a child transfixed by a magician, only in this case the “magician” – instead of zealously guarding his secrets – teaches us and initiates us viewers into the exclusive world of “artist-magicians”. Even something as mundane as a forehead comes to life right before our eyes. Not only is it possible, as you demonstrate in the videos, you’ve given us the information to be able to experience this creative force for ourselves. Thank you for sharing this wealth of knowledge with us, Dirk!”

Teresa Bolen

“My prayers have been answered! Great job and very generous discount. Thank you Dirk. Hope to talk to you soon. Best wishes to you and your family.”

Daniel Tucker

“Perfect! Thank you Dirk. This video workshop meets my expectations fully. Was worth the wait!”

Tina Fisher

“I could not thank you enough for making these videos and sharing your knowledge. This is exactly what I need to take my skill to the next level. I'm very excited to start studying them. Thank you again Dirk!”

Jeremy Pascale

“Hello my friend, I am very excited to gather my supplies and start your course, the next best thing to taking your instruction in person!”

Jan Lowe

“Hi Dirk, Thank you so much for this workshop and for sharing your knowledge. I'm very excited to start! Regards.”

Xosé Budinho

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  • Is this course also for beginners?

    While a total beginner might not have the same great result at first as someone who is already a bit more experienced, it is very benefitial to learn the right techniques and theory right from the start. With persistant practice anyone can become an outstanding artist.

  • What languages are supported?

    The subtitles and the transcription of the book are available in the following languages: English (Original), Spanish, German, French, Portugese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Danish and Swedish.

  • What is the size of the drawing in this course?

    The drawing is done on "Canson Mi-teintes touch" paper, 46 x 66 cm (18.1 x 26 inches).

  • I usually draw with Graphite. Why use charcoal?

    Both, Graphite and Charcoal have their Pros and Cons.
    Full and rich tones from white to a deep black can only be achieved with charcoal. Even the softest graphite grade is always only gray - no matter what images of drawings on the internet might suggest otherwise.
    Charcoal has a nice matt tone. Graphite can get quite shiny, especially with darker tones, which can make it quite hard to look at if you have a lot of dark tones in your drawing.

  • What if I have questions that are not covered in the course?

    While the course covers pretty much everything you need to know about hyperrealistic charcoal drawing, you can ask any question or start a discussion with fellow students at any lesson, or in the dedicated drawing forum.

  • The course is over 30 hours! That is a long time! Do I really have to watch everything?

    For the most part, it's best to have the course running on your laptop or tablet/phone while you draw along. Read the book first and watch the explanation to the section that you want to work on before you start to draw. Of course you can pause or fast forward at any time. You can also change the speed of the video in the player.

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