Dirk Dzimirsky


Hyperrealism Drawing


In this video course, Dirk teaches you how to draw a Hyperrealism artwork of an eye with graphite pencils. You learn all the materials and tools, and all the drawing techniques that he uses!

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Unlock the secrets to draw hyperreal artworks

Want to learn how to draw details, create depth and stunning Hyperrealism?

Always wanted to know how to achieve a photorealistic 3D appearance in your drawings?
Always wondered what material to use and what is the best paper for you?
Want to remove the trial and error approach and have exact methods and steps to follow?

Then this video course is for you!

Learn from a well-known, multi-award winning artist with more than 20 years of experience in both teaching and creating art. Dirk not only helps a lot of people get better at drawing, he also helps his students start their own art career.

What Sets This Course Apart from Others?

In his sculptural Dirk breaks down the drawing into several layers where he only works on one element at a time. This makes each step much easier!

Start by setting the main mid-tones. Then, add the bigger shapes and smaller shapes on top of them to give the picture a three-dimensional look, even before you start drawing the details. Keep building up the tones and add the details last. A set of tools makes this quick and easy. With the right plan and tools, it's easier to "attack" every part of a drawing. 

  • Dirk shows you the importance of mid tones, and how to easily identify and draw the correct tones.
  • Graphite pencils are always grey - you will learn how to draw in full range from white to black to add amazing depth to your drawings.
  • How to reduce the typical graphite sheen.
  • Use the shown techniques in your own drawings to create stunning photorealistic drawings easier and faster than before.

Video Course Overview

Module 1 has the images to download and information how to use them.

Module 2 explains all the materials and tools.

In Module 3 Dirk shares his sculptural approach to Hyperrealism drawing with you and demonstrate and explains all the techniques used in great depth and easy to understand steps.

In Module 4 Dirk applies all the techniques to draw the hyperreal eye. He explains his method and approach and the underlying knowledge in a 1 hour compressed overview.

In Module 5 of the course, with over 30 hours of video footage, you can follow his entire drawing process from start to end in real-time, and draw along, pause, rewind, speed up and slow down the videos.


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Resolution: 4k Ultra-HD

Level: (Beginners), intermediate, advanced

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Dirk Dzimirsky

Many drawing artists have been influenced by the award-winning artist Dirk Dzimirsky, who was among the pioneers of the hyperrealistic drawing trend that was resurrected fifteen years ago. He has almost 20 years of experience as a working artist, art instructor, and book author. He has conducted drawing classes in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Both public and private collections own his works, which have been shown in exhibitions all around the world. Corporate clients include LG Electronics, Waterman - Paris, A&E Network Television, RTL Television and National Geographic amongst others. Dirk stays one of the most influential drawing artist today.


This Course Comes With BONUS MATERIAL

Additional drawing-specific courses that will be super helpful after you have completed your artwork


How to protect your drawing with fixative to avoid smudging and fading.


Pack and ship your artworks so that they arrive safely.

Frame Your Artwork

How to frame your drawings correctly so that they do not get damaged over time.


    Course Questions

  • While the course covers pretty much everything you need to know about hyperrealistic drawing, you can ask your questions or start a discussion with fellow students directly in the course. Or write us an email.

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